Turmeric or Kunyit ( Curcuma longa )

Turmeric or as known as Kunyit in Indonesia, is a common and popular spice or herb like ginger. turmeric one of the spices that must have in every kitchen in indonesian people.
It is a rhizomes plant, with yellow colour. origin are from south-east asia. Contain with curcumin, it has many benefits for health and medicine.
20 Benefits of turmeric :
1. Diabetes
2. Disentry
3. Lactation
4. Relieve pain of  menstruation
5. Diarhea
6. Typhus
7. Increase Appetite
8. Ulcer
9. Blood booster
10. Ecxema
11. Anti acne
12. Treat oily skin
13. Natural hair dye
14. Soften skin elbow and heel
15. Overcoming dandruff
16. Overcoming hairloss
17. Prevent wrinkles
18. Moisturize dry skin
19. Lift dead skin cells
20. Brighter skin


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