Daun Sirsak ( Soursop leaf )

This is one of magnificent plant in Indonesia, because this plant has many benefits from each part of it, the fruit is very good in taste and contains a lot of anti-oxidants.

There's a lot Benefits of Soursop Leaf for human in effect as a drug:

1. Anti-bacteria : to inhibit the growth of bacteria.
2. Anti-cancer : to inhibit cancer progression.
3. Anti-virus : to inhibit the development of virus.
4. Anti-parasite : to inhibit the movement of parasites.
5. Anti-tumor : to prevent tumor.
6. Anti-spasmodic : substances which can relax smooth muscle.
7. Anti-leishmania : antileishmania.
8. Anti-confulsant.

9. Astrigent : substances that wrinkle or shrink mucous membranes.
10. Analgesic : substances that may reduce pain or tenderness.
11. Anti-mutagenic : substances that inhibit the gene mutation.
12. Fever : can reduce body heat.
13. Anti- inflammatory : substances that can reduce pain/ tenderness.
14. Hipotensi : substances that lower blood pressure.
15. Nervin : to strengthen the nerves or tonic.
16. Hipoglechemia : substances that lowers blood sugar levels.
17. Cardidepresant : pressing the activity of the heart.
18. Sedative : a soothing agent
19. Galactogogue : substantances that can increase milk production.
20. Vasodilator : substances that dilate blood vesels.

21. Diuretic : the emetic of urine.
22. Vermifuge : can kill intestinal worms.
23. Stomachic : that strengthen the stomach and increases appetite.

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