These days cancer has spread not only in mature but it also strike young people, its because of their lifestyle. the most contribute is from fastfood. so the world become realized and start to concern of what they eat. slow food is become popular, slow food is a food that processed from raw vegetables or meat add spices and been cook at home. back to natural ways of life.
So is the medical style, for cancer people also start using herbs for their healing, even the effect is not as fast as kemo( chemical medicine ) but it theraphy proved successfully to against cancer cell until it roots. these are top 5 herbs medicine that proved and clinicaly tested to prevent or anti cancer:
1. Ginger,
The reseach showed that bioactive of ginger have ability to stop or prevent some specific types of cancer and tumors, it restrain the developments, reduce inflammation, kill diseased celss and improve human body immunity. 
2. Turmeric,
This herb or plant containt a lot of curcumin, curcumin has been proved as a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic and anti-microbial. with these fucnctions, turmeric can fight against cancer, tumor in stomach, lung, breast and skin.
3. Aloe vera
This exotic plant are common to use as cosmetic or as a treatment for skin irritations. but nowadays medicinal laboratories has been proved that a compound called 1,8-dyhydroxy-3 ( hydroxymethyl ) anthraquinone in aloe vera can caused the death of diseased human bladder cells, Aloe vera has impressive anti-cancer effects. 
4. Garlic,
Beside has known for it strong benefits on cardiovascular, according studies garlic also can suppresses ovarion, colorectal and other forms of cancers.
5. Red Glover,

as a beautiful flower this plant is commonly put in garden, but amazingly this flower has a benefits for anti cancer.

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