Temukunci / Fingerroot / Boesenbergia pandurata

We already shipping Temukunci or Fingerroot to South Korea...

Dried sliced Fingerroot...for information..the drying process of fingeroot are very depend on weather, if the sun shine brightly then the color is bright, but if there's a rainy day the colour will a little bit darker. we can produce 1-2 tons per week.

This dried sliced peeled fingerroot in process involved many worker, because the peeling is not by machine, but with human to produce good quality fingerroot. In this item we can only produce 200-300kg per week.

 We also make powder from Fingerroot. This is with mesh 80, more refined.

This powder is a little bit granule, not as smooth as with mesh 80.

Fingerroot are packing and ready to deliver to our good client.

                                                   Farmer : Gatot Sugih.B, Amf, S.I.Kom
                                                                 +62 812-912-77-100

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