Rosella Merah ( Hibiscus Sabdariffa L. )

Hibiscus Sabdariffa has many name such a Rosella Merah, Red Sorell, Roselle, Jamaican Sorell, Sour-sour, Florida Cranberry. This plant is originally from Africa and spread to other country, in Indonesia, Roselle is a popular plant, because of it benefits for health and the beauty of it, so it suite to been placed in the garden.

Roselle are common to salad, and other food. but beneath is beauty, Roselle has many benefits for health, such as:
1. High content of Anti oxidant
2. Lower blood pressure
3. For Natural Diet
4. Prevent Cancer
5. Reduced Arthritis
6. Increase Neuro-system and brain memory
7. Antipyretic for Fever
8. Reduced Stress
9. Neutralized Poison
10. Reduced Side effect from smoke addicted
and many else.

We can provide or supply Roselle originally from indonesia. Our capacity is 1 ton/month.
If you have inquiry, please let us know. thanks


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