Red Ginger / Jahe Merah

Red Ginger or Jahe Merah in Bahasa or Zingiber Officinale Ver.Rubrum, is one of amazing plant.

because of it multi benefits for health and beauty, there is over 20 benefits. 

This Plant are usually applied at herbs or spices for food also.

Making a delicious cookies.

And this plant are mention in Qoran at Al Insan Verse 17, "In Paradise they will be given a glass of (drink) mixed with ginger."  so ginger is a drink for citizen of heaven / paradise.

Here are the benefits :

1. Improve heart health

2. Reduce inflammation

3. Prevents the risk of colon cancer

4. Cure allergies

5. Strengthen the immune system

6. Clear throat

7. Prevent baldness and treat hair loss

8. Burn fat and calories

9. Prevent cellulite and nourish the skin

10. Smooth skin

11. Prevent aging, aka youthful

12. Prevent acne

13. Overcome nausea and vomiting

14. Smooth the digestive system

15. Healthy brain

16. Overcoming migraines, or headaches

17. Protects the body from UV rays

18. Control blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes

19. Prevent obesity

20. Reduce the risk of stroke

21. Maintain healthy blood pressure

22. Efficacious for bone health

23. Relieve muscle and joint pain

24. Treating flu and cough

25. Overcome constipation and diarrhea.

Beside for health and human beauty this comodity are also good for environment and economy, why? because we have more than 1000 farmers that involved in this project.

our red ginger capacity are more than 100 tons of fresh ginger or 10 tons of dried ginger.

ware house at Solo Central Java.


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