Recipes Herbs To Shrink Stomach after childbirth

Prepare the following ingredients.
-3 Tablespoons of rice coupled with ginger and
 turmeric to taste;
-sugar Commonly called red or brown sugar 125 g;
-1 Tablespoon of tamarind and salt;
-1 Grain of lime;
-A Pandan leaves.
Herbal Medicine Making Process:
Soak the rice for about 3 hours.
Turmeric, ginger, brown sugar, pandan leaves and tamarind braised
with 3 cups water to boiling and then filtered.
Turmeric, and ginger has been boiled kencur ditubuk together with rice.
Once everything becomes smooth, the water was mixed with
the former stew spices had little by by little.
Stir until smooth and then filtered with cloth soft portion.
Add lime juice and salt to taste. You can also add sugar also feel less sweet.
We recommend to drink after dinner. regularly enough 2x a day. and advised not to drink for those who have ulcer disease.

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